Initial treatment modality is hospitalization and mean hospital stay is 1 month.

Since leukemia cells invade the body, normal cells cannot survive in the body. Accordingly, healthy cells are supported by external supplements.Since chemotherapy is a necessity while healthy cells are transfused to the patient, chemotherapy will destruct both cancerous cells and healthy cells and therefore, it is a difficult period.

A small piece of bone marrow is biopsied at the end of one month to examine whether cancerous cells have disappeared or not.


It takes about 15 days for an unhealthy cell to become completely healthy.Since this period is very critical, the patient should be treated as if s/he is a baby.Antibiotherapy is started and a mask can be used to avoid the risk of infection.Infections can occur despite all measures taken.Infection is associated with a morbidity rate up to 80 to 90 percent.

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