In our country, living donor kidney transplants account for a substantial part of all kidney transplant surgeries.Since there is no sufficient cadaver organ donation, waiting period is usually too long.Therefore, patients need to receive long-term dialysis therapy.

It is required to start patients with an end-stage chronic renal disease on medical treatment.A patient must either receive dialysis therapy or be undergone kidney transplant surgery.Kidney transplantation is by far the best modality regarding quality of life, survival and treatment costs.Therefore, the most ethical and correct decision for a physician is to recommend kidney transplantation initially.A living donor is required in order to transplant a kidney without need to wait for a long time.The best solution for patients with a donor, who meets above mentioned legal and medical conditions, is to undergo a transplant surgery immediately.Likewise, transplant surgery is the best option for patients who are actively maintained on dialysis therapy, if there is a living donor.

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