There are very scarce patients, for whom kidney transplantation is contraindicated. Transplantation is not an option for patients with active infection. In this case, transplant surgery is carried out, after relevant treatment is completed. For patients with tumor, a particular period should elapse, after tumor is treated, and transplant surgery can be performed, after recurrence status is strictly ruled out. Transplant is not an option in presence of metastasis (dissemination of tumor to other organs). Transplantation is not recommended for patients with blood type incompatibility, since transplant kidney will be probably rejected by the body. Transplant surgery is not performed, if cross match test is positive, which compares blood types of donor and recipient. Advanced age is a relative factor that should be considered for kidney transplant. Biological age, general health status and other organ functions of the patient should be assessed in combination. Age alone should not be considered as a contraindication for transplantation.

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