Today, rules of the coordination system that is established by the Ministry of Health apply to all cadaver kidneys.Lists of patients registered in organ transplantation centers are also available in computers of the coordination system.A list of patients eligible for kidney transplant is sent to the center by the Ministry.The organ is transplanted to the patient according to the turns written on the list.

Patients with living donors can have a quicker and earlier transplantation.Up to four-degree relatives can donate organ to a patient according to the applicable laws of our country.It is also possible to receive organs from other related or unrelated donors.However, a decision of the ethics committee is required for transplantations from these types of donors.A person must be above the age of 18 in order to donate an organ or tissue.There is no certain upper limit of age.The decision is based on examinations and tests and studies to determine whether organ can be obtained from a particular donor candidate.

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